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What We Do

Jonelladilena 8805ret
Jonelladilena 8805ret

What We Do

Helping you navigate the intricate legal landscape to prevent or restore reputational damage.

We provide a bespoke service with cutting edge strategies to urgently respond to the threatened or actual publication of defamatory material and ancillary matters such as privacy and data protection.

Whilst most of our work is initiating defamation proceedings, we also respond to concerns notices and defend your right to publish.

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Newspapers, Television, Radio, On-line, Social Media

We deal with the publication or threatened publication of defamatory material whether by traditional mediums (newspaper, television, radio etc), by electronic means (internet, blogs, emails, WhatsApp, Messenger etc) or social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok etc)

We issue (and respond to) concerns notices and, if necessary, commence (or defend) defamation proceedings.


Apologies, Take-Down Requests and Identifying Anonymous Publishers

We seek the removal, and if necessary the de-listing from search engines, of defamatory material published online.  We also make applications to ascertain the identity of anonymous publishers so that proceedings can be commenced.


Criminal and Professional Disciplinary Proceedings

We take on selected (usually high profile) criminal proceedings and professional disciplinary matters where reputation and standing are key concerns.


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